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5 Signs Your Brake System Has Problems

While the brake system isn't as complex as other components in your car, it still plays a very important role. When you press the brake pedal, the car instantly starts to slow down, which is what should happen every time without exception. But just like any other component in your car, it tends to have problems. Here are five brake system problems you can catch before they get serious.

1. Increased Braking Time

Is your car taking longer to brake? If so, make sure to visit a repair shop because this can be extremely dangerous. Your brake pads can be worn out, your rotors can be bent, and a variety of other things can cause your brakes to perform worse. That's why getting a professional examination is the best thing to do.

2. Vibrations While Braking

Experiencing vibrations while braking is one of the more obvious signs of brake system issues. It can happen mainly because of problems with the brake pads or rotors. Replacing them is advised so you don't risk any further headaches.

3. Brake Pedal Feels Strange

Your brake pedal is a great way of determining if there are problems in the brake system. It shouldn't feel soft or unresponsive, so if you notice anything similar, visit a mechanic so they can inspect and pinpoint the problem. Most of the time it is brake fluid or lines, so don't get scared because they are easy and cheap fixes.

4. Noises While Braking

Noise while braking can be caused by three main things. It can be either the brake pads, the rotors, or a stuck caliper/piston. When one of these components starts to malfunction or wear out, problems arise.

5. Fluid Leaks

Fluid leaks from the brake system can be spotted on the wheels and rims, as well as near the wheels on the ground. If you notice any oily stains or residue at the above-mentioned spots, make sure to visit a repair shop.

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