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6 Important Vehicle Fluids


Fall is finally here, and there’s no better time than now for a vehicle maintenance service. Your vehicle has six vital fluids that help maintain proper vehicle function, fuel economy, and longevity. Once several thousand miles have been driven, fluids may need to be topped off. If you drive your vehicle with low or dirty fluids, it can lead to significant vehicle damage and costly repair bills. Below are 6 of the essential vehicle fluids to maintain this Fall. 

1.    Coolant
Coolant regulates engine temperature by keeping it cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Coolant also works to prevent an accumulation of pollutants, foam, and corrosion. The additives inside the coolant can expire and should be checked every 30,000 miles.

2.    Engine Oil
Every vehicle’s engine has components that are continually moving and spinning. Engine oil keeps these components lubricated and moving smoothly. To maintain the engine oil, you should have an oil change every three months and regular inspections to check its consistency. 

3.    Brake Fluid
Brake fluid works hand in hand with the brake pedal. When a driver steps on the brake pedal, the brake fluid is pressurized inside the brake-line. In return, the brake pads clamp on the rotors and slow the vehicle. Brake fluid loses its effectiveness over time and should be inspected during oil changes. Low or faulty brake fluid can make the brakes less reactive and hazardous. 

4.    Windshield Wiper Fluid
Windshield wiper fluid cleans the windshield by creating a lubricated glass surface to remove dirt & debris. Fall is the perfect time to recheck the windshield fluid to ensure it’s full for the winter and rainy season.

5.    Transmission Fluid
Like the engine oil, the transmission oil serves to cool and lubricate components in the transmission system, such as the clutches, valves, and gears. Transmission fluid doesn’t have to be changed often but should be checked at least quarterly. Consult your vehicle’s owner manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations on when the transmission fluid should be changed. 

6.    Power Steering Fluid
The power steering fluid keeps the steering wheel turning fluidly with steering maneuverability. Consult your trusted automotive technician or owner’s manual on how often you should inspect your power steering fluid. They’ll both be able to offer recommendations based on your driving habits. 

Fall vehicle maintenance service in Easton, PA.

While checking your fluids, if you suspect an issue reach out to us. It’s always best to have your fluids inspected or topped off before noticing a problem in drivability. The automotive experts at Jeff’s Automotive, Inc. would be happy to give your vehicle a full comprehensive inspection and top off your fluids.