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Why An AAA Roadside Kit From Jeff’s Automotive Can Keep You Safe

Have you had a chance to see our AAA Roadside Kit Giveaway Raffle on Facebook this month? Our team put together a fantastic emergency kit for your car that will help keep you safe if the roadside strands you.  Because this AAA Roadside Kit is so popular, we are extending our giveaway raffle promotion until February 28, 2021. If you do not win the raffle prize, you will be welcome to directly purchase this emergency kit from Jeff’s Automotive in Easton, PA. Take a look at our video to see what’s inside the AAA Roadside Kit: As you can see, this emergency roadside kit includes the tools and staples needed to get you through a winter storm, a breakdown, or a minor roadside emergency. This AAA Roadside Kit contains the following: Jumper Cables First Aid Kit Poncho Small Towel Duct Tape Batteries Flashlight Zip Ties Screwdriver We recommend you add bottled water, food rations, umbrellas, an ice scraper, and phone chargers to your kit, so you don’t have to p ... read more

What Happens If I Ignore My Low Tire Pressure Warning Light?

What Happens If I Ignore My Low Tire Pressure Warning Light?

All modern vehicles have a system that monitors tire pressure. The system has sensors that will alert you via a warning light when the tire pressure gets too low. What you might not know is that the indicator will show when the tire pressure has fallen by 25% below what the manufacturer recommends. This means you don't have to wait until the warning light shows before checking your tire pressure. What if you ignore the warning light? The warning light appears when the tire pressure is already below the safe levels. A tire with low pressure will flex more. This generates excess heat that will overheat the other components in the tire, causing them to break down. A faulty tire can cause a serious accident on the road. Low pressure in the tire also reduces the efficiency of your car, meaning you'll spend more on fuel. The tire will also experience excess friction, causing it to wear out faster. What you need to do when the warning light shows When the warning light shows that ... read more