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Are You Ready For An Oil Change?

Your automobile's oil change is a relatively straightforward service with extremely high importance. Oil change services are necessary to preserve the health and operation of your car. Motor oil helps keep your engine lubricated and its parts in good shape. Running on too little or dirty motor oil can lead to overheating, corrosion, and metal-to-metal clashing.


It doesn't take an expert to know that engine repairs can be pricey, so it is best to avoid significant engine troubles by having your oil changed on time. Not only does engine oil lubricate components and regulate heat, but it also helps prevent dirt and debris build-up. When the oil flows, the contaminants get trapped by the oil filter.


Every car, SUV, and truck model may have different oil types and intervals recommendations. We advise you to check your owner's manual for specifications before getting the job done. 

Signs It's Time for An Oil Change

If you happen to lose track of your miles since your last oil service, you may start catching some tell-tale signs. You can also check by physically inspecting the oil using the dipstick under the hood. The following symptoms indicate your vehicle needs an oil change and filter replacement:

  • Check engine or oil pressure light on
  • The engine makes unusual noises (grinding, thumping, or knocking sounds)
  • You check the oil and notice that it is low, dark, or gritty
  • You smell oil around your car
  • You find physical evidence of a leak
  • There is dark grey or black smoke coming from your exhaust pipe


Oil Services in Easton, PA

When you need an oil change service in Easton, PA, look no further than Jeff's Automotive, Inc. We believe that on-time oil and filter changes are significant to the overall life of your engine. Let us help you keep up with your auto maintenance by bringing your vehicle to our auto repair shop for an oil change today.