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Help Us Give Thanks Through Toys For Tots

Photo bySandy Millar onUnsplash


With the holiday season approaching, it’s a good time to reflect on our good fortune. We’ve managed to survive during a pandemic, and most of us are working to thrive while looking out for our neighbors. That proves how, when things get tough, it’s humanity’s natural reaction to come together and support each other. 


However, some groups of people have never stopped helping those in need, no matter the circumstances. There are some incredible charities out there, and we wouldn’t be lying to you if we say that they have brought back our hopes for the human race!


This year, when you consider organizations to contribute charitably to, we’d like you to think of one that’s near and dear to our hearts: Toys for Tots! Too many kids will have a Christmas without any joy this year unless Toys for Tots can step in and give them some sense of kindness and joy this season. 


The story of Toys for Tots is rooted right in our military and the can-do attitude of military husbands and wives. This is from their website:


Toys for Tots began in 1947 as the brainchild of Marine Corps Reserve Major Bill Hendricks. It was his wife, Diane, who was the real inspiration. She had a few handcrafted dolls and asked Bill to deliver them to an agency that supports children in need. When Bill reported back to his wife that he could not find such an organization, she instructed him to “start one!”. Maj Hendricks and the Marines in his reserve unit in LA collected and distributed 5,000 toys in 1947.


The Allentown branch of Toys for Tots could use our support, Easton. Providing generous donations is the only way we can keep this incredible organization afloat, and although not all of us can give high sums, we can all contribute to the cause of Toys for Tots. The light coming back to a child’s face, especially in our trying times, is vital not just for the child’s life but for our planet itself. Kids who receive these gifts remember them for the rest of their lives, knowing in their hearts not to expect any joy and getting a wonderful, beautiful happy memory to cling to when times are tough. They also use these gifts as an example for their own lives, making our civilization kinder and more generous. 


Given the numerous problems that can be solved today with giving and generosity, organizations like Toys for Tots benefit kids and future generations of humans. Think of poverty, humanity’s most significant problem, that can be solved if we give a little more. 


When you support Toys for Tots, you are helping the next Einstein, or Tesla, or Michael Jordan, or Abraham Lincoln, feel like the world can be a great place to live in, which will inspire them to take action toward its betterment. 


If you have been struck by financial crises this year, there’s also a place to apply for aid from the Marines this year for your children. No kid should be stripped away from a smile during this year’s Christmas holiday. 

Thanks for thinking ahead. Toys for Tots is a great way to return some of the good fortunes we’ve seen in our lives this year. We thank you kindly for considering Toys for Tots for charitable donations this year. If you need service for your automobile, please schedule an appointment for service and repair through our website. Jeff’s Automotive is located at 4110 William Penn Highway, Easton, PA 18045, and our business hours are Monday - Saturday from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM. And check us out on Facebook, too. We are looking forward to serving you soon!