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How to Prepare Your Car for Fall in Easton, PA

If you've been a vehicle owner for a while now, you know the importance of seasonal car care and maintenance. Each season has different obstacles that your car must face. Fall means chillier weather, leave-covered grounds, shorter days/more driving in the dark, and school back in session. All these things make it a pivotal time to get an inspection of your vehicle. Furthermore, let's not forget those pesky issues that you probably put off this past summer. The heat in Easton, PA probably did a number on your vehicle, which is why the fall season is a time of recovery. Whether you drive a car, SUV, or truck, there's something bound to fix up before the start of the season. 


A high-quality tune-up can give your automobile a refresh and prep for the obstacles of fall. We want you to have safe and smooth drives for the rest of 2021, which is why we highly recommend that you execute this maintenance task list for fall:

  • Examine all your tires for treadwear, condition, and air pressure. Any uneven signs of wear should be taken into consideration for a wheel alignment or rotation.
  • Do a quick walk-around and look closely at your shocks and struts. Carry out the bounce test to see if your suspension parts are worn.
  • Make sure that all major fluids (oil, brake, power steering, transmission, coolant) are free of contaminants and at adequate levels.
  • Get an oil change.
  • Inspect the brake system for signs of wear (pads, rotors, etc.).
  • Make sure your heater and defroster functions are working.
  • Change out your windshield wipers and top off your wiper fluid.
  • Check for any visible leaks.
  • Test your car battery for proper charge. And check for any signs of corrosion.
  • Ensure all exterior and interior lights are working and bright enough to drive at night.
  • Make sure you have an emergency kit in your car. And the kit should include weather-appropriate items (umbrellas, blankets, hats, jackets, etc.) just in case you experience an unexpected breakdown.

These things may take some extra time, but it'll be well worth it. You can avoid the chances of a breakdown and the costs of repairs by being proactive and checking off this list. For all your auto needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to Jeff's Automotive, Inc. today.