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How to Protect You and Your Vehicle Against Pollen

With spring in the air, most Easton drivers will see this yellowish dust covering their car: pollen. All the trees and flowers are blooming once again, and it's essential to understand and fend against seasonal challenges. When it comes to your car, spraying it down with water may be a temporary fix, but it may not be enough. Pollen can sometimes have an acidic effect and eat away your car paint and more. To ensure you and your car are protected from pollen this season, please follow these tips:

  1. Wash and wax your car regularly - Pollen can get in every nook and cranny in your vehicle, which is why more frequent car washes are needed this time of year. Whether you take your car to the car wash or DIY it at home, please make sure you cover all of the areas. Furthermore, applying a layer of wax will make it more difficult for the pollen to cling onto your car.
  2. Check your engine filter - Over miles and miles of driving, your engine filter captures tons of dust, debris, and pollen so that your engine can run seamlessly. It is typically recommended to be replaced every 15-30K miles, depending on your car make/model and severity of contaminants in your driving environment. Feel free to ask one of our technicians to check your engine air filter at your next service appointment.
  3. Change your cabin air filter - Like your engine air filter, the cabin filter blocks debris and pollen from reaching the passenger cabin. If you are sensitive to seasonal allergies, you must keep this filter clean! Therefore, please replace this filter soon if needed.
  4. Wipe off your wiper blades - Unfortunately, pollen can also adhere to your windshield wiper blades. The buildup can turn into a paste-like mixture that can get smeared onto your windshield when you turn them on. As a result, you should keep the blades as clean as possible by wiping them down every week.

If you need assistance with changing your car's filters or windshield wiper blades for the spring, please do not hesitate to stop by Jeff's Automotive, Inc. in Easton, PA.