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Is Your College Student’s Car Ready For School & Does Your Kid Know Car Care Basics?

Photo byOziel Gómez onUnsplash


Do you remember your first car? Do you remember the whirlwind of information you had to consume to take care of it properly? 

First-time car owners can be intimidated by all the content that is out there. That’s why we’ve prepared a short car care checklist there to ensure that the young driver will spend more time enjoying his car than cleaning it:


Check the tire pressure once a week - Use a gauge to help you out. Utilize the owner’s manual as a reference guide. If you have an auto pump for emergencies, many of these can check the pressure for you just by attaching them to your tire.


Maintain oil and other fluid levels - Top up fluids regularly; if you don’t know how, ask your mechanic! Change oil every 3,000 miles. Always use the fluid grade recommended by your car maker. Look out for the coolant. Refill it every 40,000 miles. The level of the coolant should be one inch from the top of the radiator filler. The fluid should be free of contaminants


Replace the air filter - Replace the filter once a year. If you live in an area with high levels of dirt or smog, or wildfire smoke, change it more frequently.


Change the spark plugs - If you change them once they become dirty, they will work better and increase horsepower. 


Beware the brakes! - Pay attention to screeching noises, which is the most direct and benign sign of trouble. Notice changes in the pressure you exert to work the brakes. And have your brakes inspected every 5,000 miles.


Replace wiper blades when they become worn out - good wipers increase visibility and keeps the vehicle clean.

This blog represents what we consider the minimum you need to know about car maintenance as a beginner. However, chances are you are still going to be caught unaware or make a mistake. It happens to all of us. So if you ever need an expert’s opinion on your vehicle and its state, we at Jeff’s Automotive are more than happy to help you out! Please schedule an appointment for service and repair through our website. Jeff’s Automotive is located at 4110 William Penn Highway, Easton, PA 18045, and our business hours are Monday - Saturday from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM. We look forward to serving you soon!