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Item to Avoid Leaving in a Hot Car

The inside of our cars can get extremely hot during this time of year. As a result, you need to be careful with what you leave behind. Items can get damaged, rot, melt, break, or even catch on fire. Read on to learn about the items you shouldn't leave behind

  1. Water - To be specific, anything in a plastic water bottle should be brought with you. Plastic water bottles can get hot and cause bacteria to grow. Moreover, the heat can leak BPA into your water. Time to toss all the bottles in your car!
  2. Sunscreen - While this item is a summer must-have, you shouldn’t leave it sitting in a hot car. The heat can make it lose its effectiveness and cause it to become unstable.
  3. Medicine - Similar to sunscreen, the hot weather can distort the chemicals in your meds too. It can decrease their strength, so make sure you keep medicines stored at proper room temperature.
  4. Electronics - Not only can leaving your expensive laptop, tablet, or phone behind be tempting for thieves, but it can also damage your electronics too. Most of these items have batteries, which can be damaged when you leave them in temperatures above 90 degrees.
  5. Food Items - The FDA has strict guidelines on how to store certain food items, like meat, eggs, and seafood. If you are picking up groceries from the store, make sure the food doesn’t stay out there for more than 2 hours. Otherwise, you may risk food-borne illnesses.

Proper storage of items is important, and you should especially care now that summer is here. If you require any auto maintenance or repairs this summer, please feel free to call or visit the car experts at Jeff’s Automotive, Inc.