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More About Synthetic Oil & Should You Make the Switch?

Before deciding whether or not you should switch to synthetic oil or a different oil grade, it is crucial to do some research on synthetic oil.


Synthetic oil is composed of petroleum elements along with organic and inorganic chemicals. These compounds are chemically engineered and are different from the ones found in conventional oils. The additives in synthetic lubricants are purer and more uniform, which provide longevity between each oil change. On the other hand, the additives found in traditional conventional oil are lower in quality.


Some people opt for semi-synthetic blends, which have components of both conventional and synthetic oils. However, these are still less pure than fully synthetic oils.


More than 70% of newer cars use synthetic oil than conventional oil. Most people believe that synthetic oils lubricate engines more efficiently than conventional oils and synthetic blends. The other advantages of synthetic oils include:

  • It is longer-lasting, which means less frequent oil changes.
  • It promotes better horsepower.
  • It supports oxidation resistance.
  • It has been refined and engineered to reduce carbon deposits.
  • It functions better in cold and extreme weather.

Synthetic oil costs more than most conventional oils or blends; however, the benefits mentioned above usually justify the additional cost. However, you should keep in mind that some older car models may not react well to synthetic oils. You should consult with your mechanic before making the switch.


Converting to Synthetic Oil

For most people with more modern cars, switching to synthetic oil is a no-brainer. The longer lifespan ultimately makes it a cost-effective solution that results in fewer oil changes. 


There are some notes to take when making the switch from conventional oil to synthetic oil. The first two oil changes before the conversion should be a conventional and synthetic blend. Introducing the semi-synthetic oil will help the transition be more smooth. Additionally, you should make sure the oil filter also gets replaced. Oil weight and viscosity should not be tampered with as your manufacturer has set those standards. 


If you require an oil change and want to make a switch to synthetic oil, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Jeff's Automotive Inc. today!