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Pre Purchase Inspections: How They Can Answer Your Questions and Help You Decide

Shopping for a car, SUV, or truck can be difficult – it takes time and research. Say you come across a pre-owned car with a great price; what’s next? You should ensure your vehicle is in great mechanical condition by taking it to our auto repair shop for a pre-purchase inspection.

When buying a big investment, like a car, you should be extra cautious. By bringing this car to a professional mechanic with unbiased opinions, you can save time and money on headaches in the future.
What Entails a Pre-Purchase Inspection?
There are several steps involved in a pre-purchase inspection. Typically, it will include a computer diagnostics test. A mechanic will use a scan tool to identify any trouble codes that are present on the onboard computer. Next, they will assess the quality and condition of the engine, brakes, transmission, tires, and other important systems. Once the multi-point inspection is completed, the tech will go over any concerns they may have. If we identify any problems that may require repairs, we will write up an estimate for the repairs.

With the information found in a pre-purchase inspection, you can use it to decide whether to buy the car or not. If any problems are found, you can even use them to negotiate a better price or agreement for the car. Either way, a pre-purchase inspection will give you the confidence you are looking for to buy a pre-used car.

If you are looking for a reliable and honest shop to perform a pre-purchase inspection, look no further than the automotive experts at Jeff’s Automotive, Inc. We perform careful inspections that will help you in the long run.