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Spring Vacation Ideas (And How To Prep Your Vehicle)

Photo by Tron Le on Unsplash

Spring is approaching fast, and most of us are eagerly awaiting the adventures that lie ahead. Now that most people are starting to plan ahead, it is important that we also consider our vehicles. When we prepare our vacation ideas with our family and friends, we sometimes forget that our cars need preparation, just like us.


Our cars are machines that need to be well-oiled to run their best. We can easily prepare our cars to run their best by following best practices in preventive maintenance! Below are some great tips we recommend for you to do so that your car is ready for the spring adventures that await. 


  1. Have your car battery checked: During the colder months of winter, it is easy for your car's battery to drain faster than usual. Getting your car's battery checked will help ensure that you are not left stranded, as it powers all the electrical components of your vehicle.

  2. Schedule an oil change: We often forget that we need an oil change during the spring because it feels like we just got one in the winter. Scheduling an oil change is your best bet in preventive measures you can make during spring.

  3. Check your tires: Your tires can quickly be drained of air pressure, so you should go and see how they're doing. You can also go a step further and ask a mechanic to check your tire tread to see if you need a rotation or possibly a new set.

  4. Wash your car: By washing your car, you are getting rid of that nasty winder dirt and road salts that could have accumulated. Having your car cleaned will also make it easier to inspect it appropriately.

  5. Check your fluids: Our cars sometimes fail to notify us when one of our fluids is low. We recommend getting your brake, transmission, power steering, and windshield wipers fluid checked.

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