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Top 5 Getaways In The Poconos

Photo byBenjamin Voros onUnsplash


The Poconos is one of the highlights both for tourists and native Pennsylvanians. It's arguably one of the most beautiful mountain regions in the USA and, dare we say, the continent of North America itself. In this article, we'll share with you our top 5 picks regarding the best places around and in the Poconos so that you, too, can feel the magic of this area!


Asa Packer Mansion

The Asa Packer Mansion is an authentic relic of the past. Served once as the home of the legendary railroad magnate, Asa Packer, now the area is considered a treasure of both the Victorian and Gilded Age. Everything from the walls to the furniture is well-preserved, and you'll feel as if you are not a mere museum visitor but a resident of the mansion itself! Located at just 50 mins away from Easton, The Asa Packer mansion makes for a great weekend getaway for all history buffs alike!


Hawks Falls

Besides the terrific-looking waterfalls, the Hawks Falls area also covers the incredible Lake Harmony, which itself harbors not few adventures for both young and old, active or passive members of your road trip. The area is located 1 hour away, making it another great weekend destination, especially during the colder months!


Seven Tubs Recreation Area

If you love the woods, this geological marvel is the right choice for you. They say that nature is the most distinguished artist of all, which confirms this area. The destination is again a 1-hour drive from Easton, and if you are a person whose whole attitude on life can change when he sees a good landscape, you should go to this place.


Resica Falls

Every Pennsylvanian should attend the Resica Falls area as yet another waterfall location. Although the site is restricted only to the waterfalls, the scenery doesn't disappoint, and you'll find yourself in awe. For just a 1 hour drive, you and your family can experience the magic of Pennsylvania nature in the form of these waterfalls.


Bushkill Falls

I thought we missed this one? Never. The Bushkill Falls are Pennsylvania's own Niagara (though, we'd like to point out that the Niagara Falls are just New York and Ontario's Bushkill falls!). This area is arguably the star of the Poconos, attracting countless visitors each year. Whether you are a birdwatcher, fisherman, hiker, photographer, the place has a lot to offer to each of these groups. Very few rival the diversity of the landscape across the states, and it's the ultimate trip for Easton and local drivers.

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