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What Happens If I Miss a Vehicle Service?

Although most people know that cars need regular maintenance for optimal performance, most don't understand the impact of missing regular car servicing. Car servicing has huge benefits, including ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly and safely for a longer period.
But what happens if you miss scheduled car service? Here are some of the effects:

Brake Issues

No one would drive a car that won't stop when you want it to. That's why brakes are a vital part of your car. With use, brake pads wear out, and if not replaced, they may put you at risk of an accident. If you notice a squeaking sound or a slower stopping speed when you stop your car, it's time to bring your vehicle for servicing.

Safety Risk

Missing regular vehicle servicing may put you at risk of an accident due to the vehicle's poor condition and eventually cause personal injury. Scheduled car servicing ensures that the vehicle's mechanical and electronic parts are in good condition, including fluids and lubricants.

Clogged Engine

A clogged vehicle engine results from accumulated dust, sand, and moisture. Missing regular car services will hinder you from detecting any clogging problem that may damage your engine eventually. On the other hand, getting your car serviced will ensure the engine is cleaned out and any other mechanical issues eliminated.

Increased Fuel Consumption

Another problem with missing car servicing is increasing your vehicle's fuel consumption rate. Tire troubles, rust build-up, and poor car maintenance can cause your car to consume more fuel.
Fortunately, you can avoid this problem by servicing your vehicle frequently and having every area checked and repaired or replaced if necessary.

Shortened Lifespan

Missing a car service will significantly shorten its lifespan due to weather conditions and wear and tear. However, regular service will ensure there is repair or replacement of faulty parts that may reduce your car's lifespan.

Regular car servicing ensures that your car functions at optimal performance and gets a better value in case of resale. If your car is due for scheduled maintenance, we invite you to bring it to Jeff's Automotive, Inc today.