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What Happens When Rodents Take Residence In Your Engine Compartment?

Have you ever had a squirrel take residence in your car's engine compartment? During the cold months, they often find refuge and warmth in the engine, as well as food.

Really? Food?! In the engine compartment? Yes, that's correct. The wire casing found in many vehicles is made out of soybeans because it's lightweight and sustainable. It's also a tempting treat for a hungry family of squirrels, so they'll gnaw away at the casings if they can't find food elsewhere.

What happens when the rodents start nibbling on the wires in your engine compartment. Well, besides creating a mess, it can wreak havoc on how well your car or truck functions. Here's a video showing the problems an engine faces when snacked on by hungry rodents:

If your vehicle becomes a dessert for your neighborhood rodents, you'll be glad to know that the auto repair team at Jeff's Automotive can fix this problem. We've seen chewed-on wires before, and we have the experience to repair your vehicle. With that said, it may be wise to prevent squirrels from snacking so your engine compartment remains intact. Here's a video showing how to prevent rodents from infesting your vehicle.

We also recommend using electronic repellents, mouse traps, and scent repellents. You can find various solutions through Amazon and other online retailers. You can also try looking under the hood of your car periodically to see if there are any nests, leaks, or evidence that your engine compartment is housing a pack of rodents.

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