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What is a tire rotation?

As you take on the road, your tire tread will gradually wear. How the tire tread wears can tell you a lot about your
vehicle's suspension, balance, and alignment. If there's an issue with any of these components, your tires will wear unevenly. While uneven tire tread doesn't seem like a huge problem, it can significantly impact the driver's safety. Responsible driving means staying on top of regular tire maintenance. While it's essential to get an alignment, tire rotations are just as crucial. A tire rotation service involves moving your tires from one position to another. Typically, the front tires will move to the rear, and the rear tires will move to the front. Depending on the type of drivetrain and wear, your technician may also impact the tires to different sides. 

Signs it's time for a tire rotation: 

  • Uneven Tire Wear
  • Unnatural Vibrations 
  • Constant Tire Pressure Loss 

Benefits of a tire rotation: 

  • Prevents tire blowouts
  • Improves Handling and Drivability
  • Maximizes Fuel Efficiency
  • Maintains Traction 

Tire rotation in Easton, PA at Jeff's Automotive 

If you don't remember the last time your tires were rotated and suspect it may be time, schedule an appointment with one of our ASE Certified automotive technicians to inspect them. A tire inspection is also the perfect opportunity to have the tire pressure professional adjusted as well. Our team at Jeff's Automotive Inc. is currently offering three excellent services for the price of one. For only $34.95, your vehicle will receive a full 23-point compressive inspection, oil change, and tire rotation. This is the perfect service to get your car ready for the cold Eaton Township weather. 

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