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What Is the Difference Between Brake Pads and Brake Shoes

Brake pads and brake shoes are two parts of a braking system that ensure a vehicle's wheels stop rotating when a person presses a brake pedal. When the brake pads wear down, you will need to replace them, so your car can be safe to drive.

Explore the differences between brake pads and brake shoes so you can better understand how they work together to stop your car.


Brake Pads vs Brake Shoes

Brake pads are thin pieces of material that are attached to the brake rotor of a car. Brake shoes are metal pieces, usually made from steel. They are attached to the brake drums.

Brake pads and shoes do similar jobs, but there is a difference between the two. Brake pads stop the rotation of the brake rotor, which in turn slows down or stops the wheels. Brake shoes do not stop the rotation of the brake drum. They just slow down or stop the wheel.


How Does Brake Shoes Work?

Most car owners know that when they need to stop their car, there is a pedal on the car floor that they depress with their foot. On pressing the pedal it causes brake fluid to flow from a reservoir near the front of the car into two small cylinders connected to the back of each brake pad. It moves two pistons that push against each other. It compresses them so that when they touch, they create friction which slows down one side of the wheels and stops it from turning anymore, and your vehicle stops.


What Are Brake Pads?

The brake pad's purpose is to slow down the rotation of the brake disc when you apply pressure through the brakes. Brake pads do not, however, provide any friction between themselves and the disc; they rely on friction from their contact with brake shoes positioned behind them to slow down your car.


How To Maintain Your Vehicle's Brakes

Have a professional mechanic check your brakes periodically. Another suggestion is to change the brake fluid regularly. Brakes are an essential part of a car's safety features, so keeping them in good condition will help you stay safe when you're on the road.


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