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What to Expect From Your Vehicle’s Emissions Test

High vehicle emissions pose many health and environmental issues, including toxins, urban smog, and even global warming. That is why some drivers in Easton, PA are subject to regular emissions testing. Depending on your vehicle’s model year, its type, and the county you reside in, you may need to schedule this test to drive your vehicle legally. 

At Jeff’s Automotive, Inc., we are a certified emissions testing facility. This smog check is designed to keep the air clean for you, your loved ones, and everyone else in the community. Our technicians will inspect, test, and measure emissions gasses to ensure your car, SUV, or truck is in compliance with regulations. 

When your vehicle’s engine combusts, it releases a ton of byproducts that go through the exhaust system. The exhaust system comprises many parts that help transform these harmful gasses before releasing them into the air. If there are no laws to regulate poor-performing vehicles, our air quality can significantly decline.

An emissions test is more than a physical inspection of your exhaust system. In fact, it requires putting your vehicle on a testing machine. Unlike many procedures done at an auto repair shop, your vehicle will be left on and running to get an accurate measurement of the pollutants that are present in your vehicle emissions. They include hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and more. 

What Can Cause Your Vehicle To Fail the Emissions Test?

  • Bad Gas Cap
  • Worn Spark Plugs
  • Inadequate Air/Fuel Mixture
  • Faulty Catalytic Converter

If you need your emissions test soon, please look no further than the experts at our Easton auto repair facility. Please feel free to call or visit Jeff’s Automotive, Inc. soon.