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Why Is October A Popular Month To Check Your Brakes?

Image by Angeline 1 from Pixabay


October is one of the most holiday-packed months of the year! And, no, not just for Halloween! The car community also has much to offer. 


Car Care Month:

Just like we give extra attention to certain aspects of our lives, this month is time to give our car extra attention! And it’s not just for our enjoyment. It’s for the well-being of others too! A car that is not cared for is a car that can lead to disaster. And we don’t want that to happen, especially in busy months such as October, with teenagers and children running around asking for candy. 


Caring for your car can mean a lot of things, however. Sometimes you need to do an extensive inspection or a check-up, and sometimes, you just need to change your oil. No matter the task, it’s essential to get it done. Not because of us, but because of the people around us. Plus, a cared-for car is a vehicle that will make your driving experience both soothing and satisfying!


Brakes For Breast: 

Because of the mission of this charity, many of the USA and Canada’s top and auto-repair shops have agreed to offer free brake pads to their customers. October is a big month because even you, as a small business owner of an auto repair shop, can contribute to something extraordinary like breast cancer research! 


The Auto-repair industry has produced a lot of value for the world, but breast cancer research, in our humble opinion, will be its most ambitious undertaking!

Now before you get excited and ready for Halloween, give us a minute! If you want to avoid any incidents, you have to keep your car in top shape and leave it to get checked by the best mechanics possible, which is where we come in! Please schedule an appointment for service and repair through our website. Jeff’s Automotive is located at 4110 William Penn Highway, Easton, PA 18045, and our business hours are Monday - Saturday from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM. We are looking forward to serving you soon!