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Battery Repair and Replacement in Easton, PA

If you have ever dealt with a battery issue before, then you know what it means to be stranded by the roadside as you wait for a good samaritan or family member to help you jump start your car. A problematic battery can turn your day upside down, especially if it dies and you are in a hurry to get to some important place.

Jeff's Automotive is your one-stop-shop for all your car battery repair needs. Our technicians are always waiting to help with any car battery issues you may have, including providing you with after-hours roadside service.

How Long Does a Car Battery Last?

A number of factors determine how long your battery is going to serve you. They include the weather conditions you drive in, how often you drive, and your vehicle type. Typical, you'd expect your battery to last for up to six years.

How The Battery Works with The Alternator and Starting/Charging System

The charging system of your vehicle consists of the battery, the alternator, and the voltage regulator. It's the battery that supplies the energy required to start the engine. The alternator powers everything electrical in your car, including the battery, and your car's charging system ensures the battery is always fully charged, which in turn powers your vehicle.

A failed battery is not always the cause of your starting and charging troubles. A different component could be the issues, and that is why you need technicians from Jeff's Automotive to troubleshoot and fix the root cause of the problem.

How Do I Know My Battery Has an Issue?

The following are a few of the symptoms that indicate an issue with your car battery:

  • The car does not start quickly as usual
  • Dim headlights
  • Heavy acid builds up around battery terminals
  • A clicking/cranking sound when try starting the car

You do not have to wait for a breakdown before going for a car battery replacement. Always seek help the moment you start noticing any of the signs we have listed above. Also, avoid doing any repairs by yourself, as batteries can pose several dangers.

If you need car battery repair in Easton, PA, bring your vehicle into Jeff's Automotive today! Give us a call or schedule your next visit using our online appointment form.

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