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Steering and Suspension Repair in Easton, PA

Your car's steering and suspension are a complex system designed to help you control the vehicle and keep it on the road. The balance, stability, and smoothness, not to mention proper functioning of your steering wheel are reliant on the quality and performance of your suspension.

Do you want a comfortable ride for you and your passengers? If the answer is yes, you need to ensure that your car's suspension and steering systems are working properly. If you are not sure what to check, call, or visit Jeff's Automotive in Easton, PA. Our ASE certified technicians will inspect the steering and suspension system, including the struts and shocks. We will give you a comprehensive report about the same and offer professional advice on the best cause of action.

Top 9 Warning Signs That Indicate an Issue with Steering/Suspension System:

  • An unusually bumpy ride on a smooth road
  • Difficult steering
  • Steering keeps slipping while turning the wheel
  • Continued bouncing after hitting uneven surfaces such as a bump or a pothole
  • Excessive play or wandering of the steering from side to side
  • Vehicle continually pulls to one side while driving
  • Steering keeps bouncing up and down when accelerating
  • Steering drifting to one side every time you take a turn
  • A knocking or clunking sound when the car is on the move

The steering and suspension system are usually linked together. The two play a significant role when it comes to a safe, smooth, and comfortable ride. For the two to do their jobs right, you need to pay attention and take your car for steering and suspension repair the very moment you feel something isn't right.

Why Choose Jeff's Automotive for Suspension Repairs

Jeff's Automotive is an AAA-approved auto repair shop and staffs ASE certified technicians. What's more, we've been the leading auto repair shop in Easton, PA, and its neighboring surroundings since 1976. Over those years, we have serviced and repaired steering and suspension systems of all car models.

Additionally, our steering and suspension repair services come with 3 years/36,000-mile warranty on the repair. This shows how confident we are with the quality of our auto services. Working with the most talented team of technicians who always undergo refreshment training and using cutting edge factory diagnostic equipment and software makes us stand out from the rest.

Are looking for a free loaner vehicle? Do you need urgent after-hours roadside assistance? Are you super busy to bring your car for a suspension repair and you are in need of vehicle pick up and drop off service? At Jeff's Automotive, we provide all these services and more. Our clients' needs are always our top priority.

If you need steering or suspension repair in Easton, PA, bring your vehicle into Jeff's Automotive today! Give us a call or schedule your next visit using our online appointment form.

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