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Tire Services in Easton, PA

Tires are among the most important components of any ride. Worn out tires affect the performance and the safety of your vehicle. To know whether it's time to replace your car tires, you need to check their tread depth—it is among the primary guidelines for replacing them. Heavily worn treads are not safe for driving.

Besides tire tread, you may also consider the tires' age, the type of road you are using, among other things. One simple and common way of checking tread depth is by using a penny.

Tire Rotation and Replacement

Before you get to the point of replacing your tires, you should have them rotated often. The main reason for rotating your car's tires is to maintain safety. Front tires often wear faster compared to the back tires. When this happens, the front tires end up with less tread depth, which jeopardizes your ability to control the car when driving.

Rotating your car tires also increases their lifespan. Just like shoes, the friction exerted on your car's tires is not equally distributed. During rotation, the front wheels are moved to the back and the right to the left. After balancing, a mechanic checks to see if the weight of the tire is balanced. Most tire manufacturers recommend a complete tire rotation every seven thousand miles.

With the help of Jeff's Automotive mechanics, your car tires can be rotated using our state of the art specialty equipment. If they are past rotation, we can sell you new ones and help you with the installations. We recommend replacing your tires in complete sets to avoid uneven wear between tires for a smooth drive.

General Tire Maintenance/Service with Jeff's Automotive

Replacing your car's tires prematurely due to avoidable wear can be an unexpected cost. To save on such expenses, you need to partner with Jeff's Automotive for routine maintenance services to keep them in good condition for a longer time. At Jeff's Automotive we:

  • Sell and install new tires
  • Check the tire pressures
  • Check tire tread wear and tread depth, among other things
  • Offer tire balancing, rotations, and other services

If you need vehicle tires in Easton, PA, bring your vehicle to Jeff's Automotive today! Give us a call or schedule your next visit using our online appointment form.

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