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6 Important Vehicle Fluids

6 Important Vehicle Fluids

Fall is finally here, and there’s no better time than now for a vehicle maintenance service. Your vehicle has six vital fluids that help maintain proper vehicle function, fuel economy, and longevity. Once several thousand miles have been driven, fluids may need to be topped off. If you drive your vehicle with low or dirty fluids, it can lead to significant vehicle damage and costly repair bills. Below are 6 of the essential vehicle fluids to maintain this Fall.  1.    Coolant Coolant regulates engine temperature by keeping it cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Coolant also works to prevent an accumulation of pollutants, foam, and corrosion. The additives inside the coolant can expire and should be checked every 30,000 miles. 2.    Engine Oil Every vehicle’s engine has components that are continually moving and spinning. Engine oil keeps these components lubricated and moving smoothly. To maintain the engine oil, you should have an ... read more

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Jeff’s Automotive is located at 4110 William Penn Highway. Founded in 1976, this business has served the communities of Easton, PA, Bethlehem, PA, and Nazareth, PA for over 44 years with a commitment to automotive excellence and complete customer satisfaction. Jeff’s offers a complete list of products via the Internet, in order to reach as many customers as possible. Visit Jeff’s Automotive online at www.jeffsautomotive.com. When a customer visits Jeff’s Automotive online, he or she can choose from a variety of options. Tire customers can use the tire size finder to locate the perfect tires for their vehicle. For those who are in need of automotive repair services, take some time to browse through the automotive database, a tool that shows all of the available repairs offered by the talented team at Jeff’s. The online appointment scheduler is a great way for even the busiest people to make an appointment for their vehicle service. Con ... read more