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What Happens When Rodents Take Residence In Your Engine Compartment?

Have you ever had a squirrel take residence in your car's engine compartment? During the cold months, they often find refuge and warmth in the engine, as well as food. Really? Food?! In the engine compartment? Yes, that's correct. The wire casing found in many vehicles is made out of soybeans because it's lightweight and sustainable. It's also a tempting treat for a hungry family of squirrels, so they'll gnaw away at the casings if they can't find food elsewhere. What happens when the rodents start nibbling on the wires in your engine compartment. Well, besides creating a mess, it can wreak havoc on how well your car or truck functions. Here's a video showing the problems an engine faces when snacked on by hungry rodents: If your vehicle becomes a dessert for your neighborhood rodents, you'll be glad to know that the auto repair team at Jeff's Automotive can fix this problem. We've seen chewed-on wires before, and we have the experience to repa ... read more



What Does Brake Fluid Actually Do?

What Does Brake Fluid Actually Do?

In a hydraulic system, it takes brake fluid to keep your brakes working steadily and safely. Imagine the times you've come to a smooth stop at a traffic light or at a safe distance from another vehicle. Have you ever considered what could be credited for those safe stops? The answer lies not in the brakes but the fluid that allows motion to come to a full close. A more concise analysis reveals just how this hydraulic pressure works. The brake fluid lies dormant within your car's brake lines. From there, the fluid is released when you step on the brake pedal. From there, it forges a complete stop on all four of your rotors from each corner of your vehicle. Consequently, the rotors activate the brake pads in time to allow your vehicle to come to a full stop as your wheels cease to spin. Any vehicle with an anti-lock braking system would best benefit from the lower DOT fluids which have a glycol base and are made for normal driving. These fluids are a DOT 3 or 4 and are effectiv ... read more

Why An AAA Roadside Kit From Jeff’s Automotive Can Keep You Safe

Have you had a chance to see our AAA Roadside Kit Giveaway Raffle on Facebook this month? Our team put together a fantastic emergency kit for your car that will help keep you safe if the roadside strands you.  Because this AAA Roadside Kit is so popular, we are extending our giveaway raffle promotion until February 28, 2021. If you do not win the raffle prize, you will be welcome to directly purchase this emergency kit from Jeff’s Automotive in Easton, PA. Take a look at our video to see what’s inside the AAA Roadside Kit: As you can see, this emergency roadside kit includes the tools and staples needed to get you through a winter storm, a breakdown, or a minor roadside emergency. This AAA Roadside Kit contains the following: Jumper Cables First Aid Kit Poncho Small Towel Duct Tape Batteries Flashlight Zip Ties Screwdriver We recommend you add bottled water, food rations, umbrellas, an ice scraper, and phone chargers to your kit, so you don’t have to p ... read more